How to Generate MLM Leads Online For Your Network Marketing Business

If you want to run a successful network marketing business, it is important for you to be aware of the top ways to generate MLM leads. There are basically two options available to you – you can either buy leads or generate leads. The latter is the better method.

It requires you to put in some serious effort and time, but in the end, it gives excellent results. Once you develop the skill of generating your own leads, you can easily build any business on the internet at will. There are many ways to generate MLM leads online, and I offer training on the best strategies of Network Marketing on my website. For now, let me share with you some of my favorites.

Strategy #1: Forums

Forums are an incredibly powerful way to build strong relationships and future partnerships. If you don’t have a lot of experience with internet marketing and generating MLM leads, forum marketing is a great place to start. You will learn from other successful marketers, and you will also attract some potential leaders. The secret to success with this strategy is to understand the concept of “Attraction Marketing”. I go into much more detail on this concept in my training website.

Strategy #2: Distributing Free Articles

Distributing free articles is a fantastic way to generate free MLM leads. If you can write good quality informative articles, you can easily attract a large number of web site visitors. There are several places to post these articles, refer to my training website for details. You can either post these articles into free article directories or send them in newsletters to your opt-in list. The objective here is to present yourself as an expert in your chosen niche.

Strategy #3: MySpace / Facebook / DirectMatches

Social networking websites such as MySpace & Facebook are extremely popular and allow you to tap into millions of potential customers and future business partners. This is one of my personal favorite strategies to generate MLM leads online. However, there are certain rules you need to understand to have any success with these strategies. If you just go out and blatantly promote your business or products you will fall flat on your face. To learn how to effectively use social networking to generate MLM leads online visit my website for detailed training.

**IMPORTANT TIP: Use A Personal Website

The idea behind making a personal website is to let your target audience know why you are unique and why they should join you. You will have to elaborate on your expertise and answer all the relevant questions on this personal website. This will also add to your credibility and help to build trust. Tell your personal story and you will attract the right people into your business. It is absolutely critical that you have and promote a personal website to generate MLM leads online and not just rely on the replicated corporate sites which just don’t work.

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