Making Money Online By Writing Articles

Findings show that 90% of the content on a site is usually a bundle of articles which are meant to draw and satisfy visitors. This is where an opportunity is open for those who want to know how to make money online writing articles for webmasters.

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To start out as a writer, you have to know what webmasters require before you can be hired.

Firstly, you must be able to write SEO articles which simply mean articles that are based on searchable terms or keywords in a search engine. Otherwise, the article will be lost in the abyss of the internet.

You must have a good command of English Language Accounts Payable as it is expected that articles should be free from errors, be it grammatical or spelling errors. Write the articles in simple sentences.

You should know how to prepare articles. You may need to do a bit of research on the internet if the topics are not in your areas of expertise or knowledge.

Read a few articles from other websites. Then, in your own understanding, write on the topics without copying any words or statement from the researched sites. Otherwise, the articles will not pass Copyscape test. You will be accused of plagiarism.

To make money online from home by writing articles, you must have a business model in mind before starting. Here are three (3) article-writing models you can adopt to make money from home as a writer.

1. Ghost writing: search for writing jobs at freelance sites. Some of them require membership fees. As a beginner, use the free ones. When you see a job post, simply apply or bid for it, stating your interest. Ensure that you attach a sample copy of your previous work. You can also get jobs from forums.

2. You can make money by writing articles at revenue-sharing sites. You will earn a fraction of the sales or advertising being done on the sites. This is called passive income. You may get paid for page views received by your articles.

3. You could also write articles and post them on your own blog where you have some adverts such as Google AdSense, Chitika or third-party banners. To do that, create a free blog at


Article writing is an easy way to make money online since it does not necessarily require that you have previous knowledge in all niches. With research work, you can write articles daily and make money from home online.


The most common demerit is that many offers that are available to ghost writers are of small monetary benefits. Sometimes, the pay may be ridiculous.

If you want long-term benefits, write and submit articles at revenue-sharing sites. For immediate benefits, write and sell your articles via ghost writing. If you can’t write at all, get jobs and outsource them to experts. You will still make money online at home.

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