some newer vehicles only have one system or the other

Tesla does not include Apple CarPlay for many reasons. However, you can add CarPlay to any Tesla using a DIY solution. Michal Gapinski has released the Tesla Android Project, his second workaround. The Polish developer demonstrated the hack in February to allow CarPlay and Android Auto on Tesla cars. He was unable to explain how exactly he achieved it. Now, he’s created a video that shows off the latest version. The website also lists what needs to be done and how.

This method, according to the creator of this workaround is an easy way to get more people using it. According to the website, “the main goal for this release was simple: usability. To scale the project and make it popular within the Tesla community, the Android interface tesla carplay must be responsive. If not, they won’t be using it.

The installation guide, he says, should enable users to get up and running in “a matter of moments.” Apple Music, Google Maps and YouTube are all playing in the video even though it isn’t in Park. The latest Tesla software version was released just a few days after Elon Musk criticized the existing Tesla software. He called the browser trash, and said that Tesla could do better when it comes to the interface.

Apple also announced a greatly improved CarPlay just a few weeks ago at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2022. CarPlay’s redesigned version is said to be more customizable and will seamlessly integrate with vehicles, rather than having CarPlay take up the entire screen.

General Motors’ announcement of the North American Charging Standard by Tesla (NACS) is a major shift in the industry. The North American Charging Standard has become the North American Charging Standard. Ford made a similar change just weeks before, and this significant shift could cement the NACS’ position as the unifying EV charger standard.

General Motors confirmed the plans last week to incorporate Tesla’s NACS charging port into their future EVs beginning in 2025. Tesla has over 45,000 Superchargers worldwide and 12,000 in Canada, the US and Canada.

GM and Tesla had planned, before this integration took place, to provide Superchargers to Ford EV users in the early part of 2024 through a CCS-to-Tesla adapter. As with the Ford announcements, it is unclear whether these adapters will cost owners anything. GM, as part of its commitment for a smooth transition, will offer a CCS to NACS adapter to its EV drivers so they can charge their vehicles at fast charging stations.

GM wants to provide a seamless charging experience for customers. To do this, it will integrate Supercharger details such as location and availability into the EVs they sell and their mobile apps. Mary Barra (GM’s Chairwoman and CEO) stated that the strategic partnership is a critical component to their plan for mass EV adoption. It is the goal to develop a wide range of EVs in various price and category points, while also expanding fast charging.

Tesla shares have risen since the partnership was announced. The future of CCS in North America is uncertain now that two of North America’s largest automakers have endorsed Tesla’s standard for charging.

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