Want a Successful Network Marketing Business? Here’s What No One Tells You About Recruiting

Recruiting is the lifeblood of your network marketing businesses because it is the only way to grow it and thus, grow your income. Whether you are new to Network Marketing Success Secrets or a seasoned MLM pro, you need to be skillful at recruiting people with desire and drive into your home based business.

Does this mean you should show your MLM home business opportunity to everyone? Maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t. Who joins or doesn’t join your work from home business will often surprise you. But concentrate on finding leaders and they can come from anywhere.

This article points out there are actually three, not two MLM recruiting markets: the well known warm and cold markets, and the lesser known hot market. It shows why you should distinguish between the markets, prospect in all three and focus on the connections recruits have to you and not the reverse if you want to be a successful network marketer.

Your Hot Market

Your Hot Market people love or respect you. That’s how they connect to you. They join your MLM business basically because you ask them and they join quickly. They may not fully understand the business, or care because they have powerful feelings for you. In short, they may not be home business entrepreneurs. However, with proper training and support some may build organizations. But, you may have to accept that a Hot Market recruit, like your grandmother, for example, may never do more than buy products from you during Holidays.

Your Warm Market

A lot of network marketers, particularly new ones, make the mistake of assuming their warm market to be only relatives, friends or people they like or know well. That may be the case, but warm refers to how people feel about you even if they see you infrequently. They have favorable or somewhat favorable opinions of you. They will pause to listen to what you say about your “profitable home based business that provides great residual income” or your “online marketing blueprint” that allows you the freedom to work from home. Family, friends and co-workers may be in this market, but so can the cashier at your grocery store, people at your health club, your mechanic, your dentist, and others.

Your Cold Market

Your Cold Market is people you don’t know well or at all. Cold market prospecting can be daunting, but the world is full of strangers, so introduce them to your MLM business…in due time. First, make the effort to develop positive connections to those you pitch. I call this “warming the market”.

And now to answer the “SO WHAT” question:

“So what if there are three markets and why should I care about people connecting to me?”

It is beyond the scope of this particular article to go into further detail on recruiting, but you will recruit more people if you understand their points of view. Joining a network marketing business is an emotional decision even if justified logically.

Your knowledge of all three markets will diminish your frustrations. You will not expect warm and cold market prospects to be like your hot market recruits and quickly join. And you’ll be prepared if some hot market recruits don’t build networks fast or at all, even with training and support.

You will develop skills at reading people and their connections to you and those are very useful skills to have. You can better tailor your pitches to prospects and while you may still be surprised at who joins, your overall recruitment will improve.

So, know your markets, develop recruiting strategies that incorporate the feelings or attitudes (or your best guess) of prospects toward you, learn as much as you can about recruiting and have fun.

Gera Richardson From my 20 plus years as an attorney and consultant on high end real estate projects and in business and community development, I appreciate the skills and experience I have in presentations, team management and goal setting, all useful in network marketing. I am passionate about such referral marketing: it makes the American Dream available to all.

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