What are some rules I should remember?

Keep in mind a couple of things as you dig into the meal with friends. To begin with, you should cook the ingredients at your own pace. Be mindful that your food will still be warm when you remove it, so don’t rush. Wait for the soups to boil again after each batch. The last bit is vital. If you’re going to cook the chicken properly, it is important to allow the soup to become a roaring hot temperature. It’s not possible to ensure quality.

The cooking times of different food items vary. If you boil thin pieces of meat for longer than 10 second, they will be overcooked and tough. As a rule, you should let tough and hearty greens simmer in water to soften while you dip or eat other ingredients. You can ask a friend 富途實被放生 同行惡意散佈爆煲 to take over if you don’t feel confident in your culinary skills.

You should always use the designated long chopsticks for cooking or the hand-held baskets when retrieving your food. That way, you won’t be using the same tool to both eat and prepare. You may receive a pitcher full of broth from your server. Do not panic if it happens. The flavors are being rebalanced to ensure you don’t get a slurp of pure oil.

It is important to respect that hot pot is a social, communal meal. Dole out the meatballs, do not bogart your shrimp paste and don’t make a double dip. Also, pour baijiu shots to the entire table. You must fight to see

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